Usually a mother worries when her child eats little and when the baby eats with a lot of appetite, she thinks that itís a positive thing.
It is not always true. In fact, the danger is that the baby become in overweight or even become obese bringing serious damages to the organism.
To avoid that a child becomes obese and grows healthy is a simple task.
In fact, it doesn't need to follow rigid rules and make great sacrifices: will be enough to adopt simple but correct habits of life.
During the infancy, particularly during first year of life, it needs to hold under control the consumption of proteins, as the excess of these substances, in this phase of the growth, predisposes the child obesity for the following years, as the studies and researches shows.
Also, for this, maternal milk is the best choice. After the first year, start to educate the child to eat in correct way, preparing him, every day, foods and snacks (suggested by your physician) respecting a precise schedule of meals.
It would be preferable to use few oil, growth milk with few proteins and biscuits with less than the 10% of fats.
Main point is also the constant physical exercise, because the child won't fatten up and will be more asset.
You can adopt small tricks like using staircases rather than the elevator or to take small walks afoot. When it will grow, the child can choose a sport that he likes, without being forced, otherwise he will immediately abandon it. The physicians, recommend usually the swimming, because it is the best physical activity to correctly develop every part of the body, but also the basket and the volley, above all if practised outside.

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