Baby giftTo choose a gift for baby can be amusing but it is not easy to find a suitable and sure toy. When you choose a gift, you have to know that there are specific toys for every growth phase of the baby. There are many kind of toys that differ for their understanding level and, above all, for their safety: every toy is suitable for a specific growth stage. For the babies, itís better to choose toys made of rubber as the rattles or teethers, because they are made up of big parts and have smooth angles. In fact, when you buy a gift for a baby, you have always to remember that the babies have the habit to put everything in their mouth, because this is their way of learning. It is better to avoid gifts that are difficult to clean, or gifts containing parts that can be swallowed. You always read the label on the wrappings of toys, where is indicated the age suitable for that toy and the material that itís made of. One of the objects that mostly attract the baby is the carillon, that, full of colors, and with its melody, stimulate their mind. You can put it above the crib. Illustrated books are proper for child of all ages but it is better that a parent explains to the baby the images with the stories.

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